Springs and pressings

Back to vintage

Most people talk about moving forward with technology, but why not also take a look at the past. Vintage is very big trend in all sorts of areas. A company in the US take care of old cameras, replace old components such as tension springs, repair and clean and then turn over the vintage cameras to a new owner. Don’t you just love the idea? Brilliant.


Cut to the chase

The other day I read about a report from a school inspection in Canada a week ago. They were talking about safety in school and apparently old style paper cutters are a safety hazard since they don’t have safeguards on them. These safeguards available for paper cutters contain torsion springs on the blade arm. I didn’t know that. I guess I learned something new today :).

Laser trackers with stamped parts

As the standards within the Automotive industry has grown laser trackers have become more and more frequently used. For example, in the creation and inspection of a die. The laser tracker can be used to digitize the surface of a clay model. Cool, right? When this step is done the laser tracker can again be used to measure both the die and the stamped parts  (stampings) it produces.

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(Image courtesy of FARO)

The best customer service

Are you about to start a gas spring project? Make sure your spring manufacturer has a good technical support. And use that support for questions and advice concerning personal installation or maybe you need help with calculating the best possible gas springs and mounting points for you applications.

Scooter with springs

There are lots of kids on our street. And apparently one of the most popular toys at the moment is the scooter. These scooters actually contain compression springs, did you know that?

Spring is in the air

Late spring or early summer. Either way if you live in a house the garden is waiting for you to take care of it. But don’t forget to lock the door when you’re out back in your garden. And make sure the door locks are good enough, maybe with brand new tension springs.

Think outside the box

Rubber, plastic or steel. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to the most demanding, high-wear, abrasion and impact applications. Engineers are now working with cast polyurethanes. To make it work better, among many other things of course, the torsion spring is modified. Great job!

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Gas springs have such a large variety of end fittings, did you know? These are called brackets. Just like all other end fittings they’re designed to handle the most common environments and applications.

Optimized supercars

Even the supercars need stamped parts (stampings). They might not always be the best looking but it does its job. In this particular we’re talking about a solid of 6082-T6 aircraft-grade aluminium. This means that the each part can be optimized for the function it needs to perform.

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