Gas spring on wheel balancer

On the theme “springs are all around us” – here’s a direct drive wheel balancer from Hennessy Industries Inc. I just read an article about. Apparently this is a brand new upgraded edition featuring a gas spring assist for lowering and raising the hood assembly. Among other things. Looking good. Image:

Heard of clickless cycling pedals?

It’s been described as a revolutionary cycling game changer. Road clipless pedals were a huge hit when they came in the 1980’s. Even today pedals look pretty much the same. They have a steel torsion spring but the patent has expired so all the original manufacturer can offer more than any other player on the…

Happy Thanksgiving again

I totally forgot Thanksgiving last week! Shame on me. Better late than never, right? Tension springs, torsion springs, power springs etc. They all take some time off when it’s time to celebrate one of the best seasons of the year.

Wave springs

Wave springs is a kind of compression spring specially designed to manage limited space and still keep the spring force. Here’s what a CAD model of a wave spring can look like.  

Springs in new crewboat

I just read an article about a new model of a offshore access system for smaller vessels like crewboats. These new designs make the motion characteristics of the vessels much better than before. They also use non-linear force from a gas spring to make the counterbalance more efficient. image:

Lovely vehicles

I’ve always learned that torsion springs are to be found in all kind of vehicles. I don’t know if that’s true or not but the spring is very versatile and extremely useful so why not?