Gas + spring = gas spring?

Could be the case. But not always. This light bulb may look a bit like a spring but not like a gas spring. More like a compression spring if you ask me. But it’s fun to play with the words sometimes. So let’s spring into action and go and get ourselves a cup of coffee!

Threads inside springs

Did you know that the fitting below is safer than conventional loops, used in springs like tension springs? Well it actually is which is why higher loads are able to be used on the spring. Naturally, the coil can be adjusted into the required length and no special tools are necessary for the mounting of the…

Happy Halloween!

I know, what does Halloween have to do with industrial springs like compression springs? Good question. Some of the smaller versions of the springs might be found in tools you can use in creating these pumpkin creations? Or other type of more tedchnically advanced Halloween decorations. But that’s probably it. However, today’s the day with…

Electronic devices

From tension springs and robots to something completely different. Electronic devices and torsion springs. Except for backrests they often are used as components inside different kind of electronic devices. Like a computer och a tablet.

Industrial robots

Tension springs and classic industrial robots. The springs are designed to give a special pull force when extended. And it works like a charm for these kind of robots.

Fine wires

Fine wires or cables are the basic unit of most of the electrical devices that we use every day. Here’s a strong wire that’s just undergone heat treatment for longer life and strength. Compression springs are designed to absorb energy which is one of many reasons why this kind of spring is very popular in…