Springs and pressings

Quarter finals coming up!

I know. It’s THAT time of the year. Hockey season is ending and we’ve come as far as quarter finals. And of course for me as a industrial spring nerd I can’t help thinking of all the gas springs that are everywhere in this sports arena. From the ventilation to the exercise bikes the players use after the game.


Every tool is unique

How much more electronic can it get :)? A PCB for a smartphone. I’ve seen stampings go into these smartphones for years and I’m always fascinated by the accuracy going into these productions. Every unique tool is created for its specific project and then it’s putting it all together to create sweet music. Impressive.

Springs in church tower

From my window at work I can see this beautiful church tower. I bet there are tension springs somewhere in there since the springs are commonly used in door locks.

Fat Bike Ski

Forget about slalom skiing or snowboard, here’s something completely new to me – Fat Bike Ski. Between this fork mount and the ski is a dual pivot urethane torsion spring, which allows the ski to smoothly follow trail pitch without being too flimsy—think of it as an artificial ankle on a skier. Talk about great engineering!


Determine the upper mounting point

Here I found a whole installation step by step, how to install gas spring hatch supports on boats. Isn’t it lovely?

Many older boats don’t have the same support hinged hatches as more new models do. So if you want to keep make sure your fingers and toes are safe, gas springs could be a good idea to install on the hatches. Just make sure you know what you’re doing, or let an engineer do it for you.

Read the whole instruction

Molding with springs

If the components are too expensive – mold your own. At least that’s what two american engineers did which ended up in a new desktop injection molding machines. The new desktop machine is a competitor to 3D printers and has a compression spring, among other features.

Read the whole article



Game changer used spring for pedals

Clipless padels came in the 1980’s and was a real game changer for the market. A torsion spring replaced the earlier used belt on toe-clip pedals, which made it a lot safer to ride since the pedal detach if the you fell down.

img src:

Wanna build a catapult?

Do you want to know how to build Leonardo da Vici’s catapult? In this article you find a step-by-step instruction including tension springs. Good luck!


How stampings are made

Have you ever been to a factory manufacturing stampings? Then you’ve seen that the machine area is just a part of the production. The other part is an awesome tool shop where stamping tools are made to produce the stamping part. We’re talking millimeter angles. So cool and impressive.

Here’s a video where you can see how the stamping tools work when they’ve been adjusted.

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