Wave springs

Wave springs is a kind of compression spring specially designed to manage limited space and still keep the spring force. Here’s what a CAD model of a wave spring can look like.  

Spring into action!

When you walk it’s like any other shoe, but when you start running it’s a whole different story. Compression spring shock absorbers on each side make this shoe special. And a bounce to your step. Read the whole article about this cool shoe  

Happy Halloween!

I know, what does Halloween have to do with industrial springs like compression springs? Good question. Some of the smaller versions of the springs might be found in tools you can use in creating these pumpkin creations? Or other type of more tedchnically advanced Halloween decorations. But that’s probably it. However, today’s the day with…

Fine wires

Fine wires or cables are the basic unit of most of the electrical devices that we use every day. Here’s a strong wire that’s just undergone heat treatment for longer life and strength. Compression springs are designed to absorb energy which is one of many reasons why this kind of spring is very popular in…

What did they do without technical gadgets?

In todays’ society we are all depending on our electrical equipments. The other day a saw boat from the viking era and I wondered how they managed without all the technical gadgets. Maybe they had their own kind of gadgets and therefore didn’t need electrical switches containing compresson springs?

Spring reduces crop damage

Thanks to this updated draper header cutting has become more efficient. I read that in an article on the internet. So what does this have to do with industrial springs? Well, according to the article thanks to this new design changes the castoring gauge wheel has increased flotation using a shock absorber and compression spring…