Springs and pressings


Compression springs

Molding with springs

If the components are too expensive – mold your own. At least that’s what two american engineers did which ended up in a new desktop injection molding machines. The new desktop machine is a competitor to 3D printers and has a compression spring, among other features.

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Cleaning systems also need springs

A few years ago I read about this project with compression springs used in cleaning system for crankcase gases. The design project was very long to really make the perfect spring solutions for the separators. In the end three different types of compression springs were sent to the customer. Both sides happy of the technological development.


Ride off into the sunset

Spring materials can be a jungle and the making the right choice is crucial from the beginning. Steel, stainless, super alloys, titanium etc. Add modern equipment (for e.g. compression springs), experienced production teams and experts. Make sure you can keep the highest level of quality and productivity to ride off into the sunset.


Springs are hot! At least if you are to believe the fair Valve World where lots of visitors showed great interest in heavy compression springs. Even before the fair was over the first deal was done!


More pressure for sprind during winter season

Compression springs used in the shipping industry. Thanks to their unique qualities make them perfect for “difficult” environment. Especially now during winter time I can image another factor – the cold – adding even more pressure to the springs.

High energy spring

A few weeks ago I read an article about a new more flexible release valve for parachutes containing a high energy compression spring.


Here’s also a preview of the whole mechanism including the parachute.

Make a difference for the environment

Compression springs have been a part of an important research project to improve water quality in the Baltic Sea. The wind-driven pumps are held in place by a spring construction. Extra nice to be involved in projects where you can make a difference for the environment!


Testing testing

To make sure your quality is always top notch make sure you test the products. As far as spring production we’re talking about force testing (among many other things). We need to be sure the compression spring characteristics are correct otherwise the whole spring design will get ruined.

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Successful spring projects

What’s a successful compression spring project for you? Happy customer? A cool revolutionary technical solution? Or maybe a cost effective project and spring production? I think we all can agree that it all depends on who you ask, but generally you need the knowledge of spring experts before the project starts to make sure you do the right thing with the right material and dimensions. Spring experts have unique knowledge about factors such as environment evaluation and material recommendations, possible stress levels, load and deflection, relaxation and fatigue strength.


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