Important sciences when designing springs

When designing compression springs you involve many different sciences. The most important is naturally metals, mechanics and strength theories. But you also need to include high knowledge of applications, standards and specialties in order to get the optimal spring design.

Cobots has entered the show

The market for ‘cobots’ (collaborative robots) just keep growing and is expected to keep doing so with more than 40% every year. It’s mostly focus on the automotive industry where the usage area. Compared to other robots the new ‘cobots’ are smaller, smarter and more flexible. I’m sure we will see them in the spring manufacturing…

Don’t get stressed out

This is a stressball that can visually can determine your stress level. The ball measure the skin conduction with an external sensor. The prototype was 3D printed and included 580 nobs on the outer shell and every single nob is installed with a compression spring. Read the whole article (Images courtesy of simone schramm)

Calculating spring design

Let’s get really technical. Here are different types of helical compression springs. Height is sometimes critical, in aerospace designs for example, and the importance of calculating the spring correct is sooo important. This article shows these calculations. Enjoy! Read the whole article

Happy Easter!

Time to wish you all a Happy Easter! Did you know that it’s actually possible to get color treatment for your springs, for example compression springs? Well, it’s true. Everything to make them fit in right?