Springs and pressings


Stampings and pressings

Every tool is unique

How much more electronic can it get :)? A PCB for a smartphone. I’ve seen stampings go into these smartphones for years and I’m always fascinated by the accuracy going into these productions. Every unique tool is created for its specific project and then it’s putting it all together to create sweet music. Impressive.

How stampings are made

Have you ever been to a factory manufacturing stampings? Then you’ve seen that the machine area is just a part of the production. The other part is an awesome tool shop where stamping tools are made to produce the stamping part. We’re talking millimeter angles. So cool and impressive.

Here’s a video where you can see how the stamping tools work when they’ve been adjusted.

Stamped love!

I don’t think these stampings or stamped parts are common in factories but I couldn’t help myself. But I can live with that because it’s Valentine’s day. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Not so wireless after all

Stampings are common in the telecom industry. They could be sub components for cellphones, such as decorative panels, contact clips etc.


A true american classic

Seen this classic before? The motorcycle of all motorcycles. Steve McQueen’s Harley Davidson. This bike has the 1912-only crankcase breather and keeps its factory pistons with matching barrel stampings. How cool is that?! Like I said, a true classic.


Image: yahoo news

Well done!

It’s great to find out your investment has paid off right. How about more than 1100 stampings produced per minute? And new job possibilities. I say job well done.


Thank you, technology

There are so many cool inventions containing springs and stampings. I know I’ve shown this picture before but every time I see it it hits me of how lucky we are that there are development resources and skilled people to come up with all kind of technical appliances



Cool idea for a showcase

Exhibitions. Is there something more exciting? A few weeks ago was Elmia Subcontractor in Sweden and different companies had different ways to attract visitors. How about a new Volvo Polestar? Other interesting pieces was the extended possibilities there are for stampings and stamped parts.



In our DNA

The human body construction is so interesting. How we end up with a certain DNA. The developments made in the medical industry is so important, life changing. Medical applications really need high quality components such as stampings.


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