Bent parts

Often when the industry talks about stampings and stamped parts we seem to forget that this should also include bent parts. The two are close together. Press forces can vary a lot in the stamping and bending machines but how about up to 35 tons? That’s A LOT. Advertisements

Dark magic

Here’s something completely off the topic. Art and industrial solutions. Together they can create magic in a photograph. I really love this picture of a stamping solution. The dark background with the blue tone of light. Thumbs up!

Technology improves quality of life

I feel very fortunate not having to visit the hospital very often. But I’m also so impressed with all the technology developed to improve life quality for sick people. Inhalators, auto injection systems for diabetics etc. The medical industry is a huge customer for pressings and the demands are high, as they should be. Only…

Stamped concrete!

How cool is this?! Stencil stamped concrete! What an idea. I know it’s a bit far off the classic manufacturing of stampings and pressings that I usually write about but I couldn’t resist :).

Work in progress

Work in progress at the factory. I’ve been to a few and they are so similar in many ways but still very different in others. Here’s a picture from Germany. No stampings here, but very special tines in the making. I’m always impressed by the precision that comes with the manufacturing of springs and pressings.…

Laser trackers with stamped parts

As the standards within the Automotive industry has grown laser trackers have become more and more frequently used. For example, in the creation and inspection of a die. The laser tracker can be used to digitize the surface of a clay model. Cool, right? When this step is done the laser tracker can again be used to…

Optimized supercars

Even the supercars need stamped parts (stampings). They might not always be the best looking but it does its job. In this particular we’re talking about a solid of 6082-T6 aircraft-grade aluminium. This means that the each part can be optimized for the function it needs to perform.