Stamped concrete!

How cool is this?! Stencil stamped concrete! What an idea. I know it’s a bit far off the classic manufacturing of stampings and pressings that I usually write about but I couldn’t resist :).

Work in progress

Work in progress at the factory. I’ve been to a few and they are so similar in many ways but still very different in others. Here’s a picture from Germany. No stampings here, but very special tines in the making. I’m always impressed by the precision that comes with the manufacturing of springs and pressings.…

Laser trackers with stamped parts

As the standards within the Automotive industry has grown laser trackers have become more and more frequently used. For example, in the creation and inspection of a die. The laser tracker can be used to digitize the surface of a clay model. Cool, right? When this step is done the laser tracker can again be used to…

Optimized supercars

Even the supercars need stamped parts (stampings). They might not always be the best looking but it does its job. In this particular we’re talking about a solid of 6082-T6 aircraft-grade aluminium. This means that the each part can be optimized for the function it needs to perform.

Inline washing process

In some cases the purity of the stampings is really important, like in the automotive industry. I’ve read about custom-made washing equipment for the stamped parts to be cleaned, rinsed and dried. After that the products go through a quality control before delivery.

Medtec Europe

This week Medtec Europe in Stuttgart – the number one exhibition providing medical technology professionals – has gathered manufacturers and medical professionals from all over the world. Medical springs, stampings and other solutions have been discussed as well as shown in various stands. Mostly we’re talking about wire forms and stampings when it comes to produce for…

Every tool is unique

How much more electronic can it get :)? A PCB for a smartphone. I’ve seen stampings go into these smartphones for years and I’m always fascinated by the accuracy going into these productions. Every unique tool is created for its specific project and then it’s putting it all together to create sweet music. Impressive.