Carmakers and their new super steel

Lightweight steel to carmakers. Now, steel makers have figured out how to make steel lighter without compromising its strength or versatility. This new super strong steel will be used for complex stamped parts (among other things) and the expected growth is expected to be 36 per cent by 2020 to 3.7 million tonnes. Read the whole article…

Cutting large stamped parts

I was searching for something interesting to write about stampings and stamped parts and found this article saying “Hot stamped parts are increasingly replacing traditional metal formed parts in automotive frame design”. Apparently machines like this Laser Next 2130 from Prima Power is a cutting machine with increased working volume which makes it perfect for…

Bent parts

Often when the industry talks about stampings and stamped parts we seem to forget that this should also include bent parts. The two are close together. Press forces can vary a lot in the stamping and bending machines but how about up to 35 tons? That’s A LOT.

Dark magic

Here’s something completely off the topic. Art and industrial solutions. Together they can create magic in a photograph. I really love this picture of a stamping solution. The dark background with the blue tone of light. Thumbs up!

Technology improves quality of life

I feel very fortunate not having to visit the hospital very often. But I’m also so impressed with all the technology developed to improve life quality for sick people. Inhalators, auto injection systems for diabetics etc. The medical industry is a huge customer for pressings and the demands are high, as they should be. Only…