Springs and pressings


Tension springs

Tension spring manufacturing

I don’t remember if I’ve showed this video before of tension springs being manufactured. If you’ve seen it before – sorry. If you haven’t – enjoy!

Tension springs + bikes = true

It’s strange but many times when I search the internet for “tension spring” I get a lot of hits on pages related to biking. And here’s one more example – How to adjust a Shimano Shadow Plus clutch rear derailleur.

Read the whole instruction


Small tension spring.

Springs come in various sizes and dimensions.Here’s a small tension spring. Dimensions can vary but my guess we’re talking about dimensions from 0,03 millimeter.


Robots in spring factories containing springs

Industrial robots are used in factories all over the world, even when manufacturing springs and pressings. And the springs that are kicking ass (pardon my French) inside these robots? Tension springs of course.


Secure your door

For the past few weeks there’s been a lot of burglaries in my neighborhood. I hate to feel insecure in my own home. We have an alarm system connected to a security company but still. Sometimes I wish we could garantee safety like bank vaults. A locking device with high quality tension springs of course :).


See how spring dimensions are calculated

Watch the video to see how spring dimensions are calculated using theoretical programs. Including tension springs.

Springs and wind energy

Tension springs and wind energy. I read an article about new development of turbines used in airplanes. Using tension springs and other components the new functionality should contribute to higher turbine reliability as well as reduced installation and maintenance costs. That sound great for an environmental point of view. And of course the airplane company ;).


image: SKF

Tension spring used in a new mining system

The mining industry are extremely special conditions that demand very special products, machines and components inside these systems. Apparently a highly-effective resin capsule installation tool has been developed using tension spring in the resin-firing nozzle.

Read the whole article



Pull force

Tension springs are designed for a specific pull force when pulled out to a specific length. These kind of tension springs lie within a wire range from 0.03 to 26 mm.


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