Threads inside springs

Did you know that the fitting below is safer than conventional loops, used in springs like tension springs? Well it actually is which is why higher loads are able to be used on the spring. Naturally, the coil can be adjusted into the required length and no special tools are necessary for the mounting of the…

Industrial robots

Tension springs and classic industrial robots. The springs are designed to give a special pull force when extended. And it works like a charm for these kind of robots.

Early one morning

Early morning on your way to work. The sun is coming up and the traffic is still quite calm. There’s nothing like an autumn morning chill. I used to take the bike everyday to work, and I loved it. Keep the bike in good shape, all the parts updated including the tension springs, and just…

Use the spring to its maximum

There are a few important things to think about when it comes to the usage of tension springs. One of them is that normla hooks and loops must never be used for more than 60% of the permitted tension. If you want to use the spring to its maximum in a correct way you can…

In the south of Germany

Here, in the Stuttgart region in the south of Germany, there are many great tension spring manufacturers. Both local and international players. Springs are produced and shipped off to the rest of the world. I think that’s impressive since the villages here are small and surrounded with mountains.