Springs and pressings


Tension springs

Back to vintage

Most people talk about moving forward with technology, but why not also take a look at the past. Vintage is very big trend in all sorts of areas. A company in the US take care of old cameras, replace old components such as tension springs, repair and clean and then turn over the vintage cameras to a new owner. Don’t you just love the idea? Brilliant.


Spring is in the air

Late spring or early summer. Either way if you live in a house the garden is waiting for you to take care of it. But don’t forget to lock the door when you’re out back in your garden. And make sure the door locks are good enough, maybe with brand new tension springs.

3D printers for future manufacturing?

Everywhere I read about technology at the moment I also see a connection with the technology of 3D printers. They are everywhere, can be used in many ways and industries. Today you are able to 3D print metal, but it doesn’t come cheap. Apparently now there’s a new type of 3D printer on the market – quicker than before and cheaper. Maybe this will type of new 3D printers will be able to produce also springs, such as tension springs, in the future.

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Invest in your toys

Even though you’re a grown-up toys can be fun and productive. I read this article about an Australian picks apart Nerf guns and modify them with tension springs among other things. Seems to be a good investment as well.

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img src: (Picture: Lawrence Pinder)


“Rescue Loops” for your feet

I’ve heard about women having aching feet from wearing high heels. Apparently now there’s workout available for your feet, especially with focus on high heel damaged feet. The inventor of this kind of workout is a dancer and trainer. She created two sets of leather loops connected by a tension spring, to help work out the feet. Incredible.

Watch a demonstration of this new workout

Springs in church tower

From my window at work I can see this beautiful church tower. I bet there are tension springs somewhere in there since the springs are commonly used in door locks.

Wanna build a catapult?

Do you want to know how to build Leonardo da Vici’s catapult? In this article you find a step-by-step instruction including tension springs. Good luck!


Tension spring manufacturing

I don’t remember if I’ve showed this video before of tension springs being manufactured. If you’ve seen it before – sorry. If you haven’t – enjoy!

Tension springs + bikes = true

It’s strange but many times when I search the internet for “tension spring” I get a lot of hits on pages related to biking. And here’s one more example – How to adjust a Shimano Shadow Plus clutch rear derailleur.

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