A new reality?

One of many ‘buzz words’ at the moment is “Augmented Reality” and how it’s entered the world of manufacturing. So how far has the development gotten? Not very far to be honest. Mostly we’re talking about “mixed reality” where the real environment works together with the virtual reality. With this said I’m sure we’ll see…

Cut to the chase

The other day I read about a report from a school inspection in Canada a week ago. They were talking about safety in school and apparently old style paper cutters are a safety hazard since they don’t have safeguards on them. These safeguards available for paper cutters contain torsion springs on the blade arm. I…

Think outside the box

Rubber, plastic or steel. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to the most demanding, high-wear, abrasion and impact applications. Engineers are now working with cast polyurethanes. To make it work better, among many other things of course, the torsion spring is modified. Great job! Read the whole article here

Beautiful power lines

My sweet torsion springs. So useful in many industries – one of the electrical power. How about this beautiful image of a bunch of power lines? And who said electrical power can’t be lovely…

Great machine park for efficient work

Let’s (torsion) spring into action and start the Easter holidays! Torsion springs are very commonly used since they are very flexible and with great machine parks the springs can even be made in only one machine. No extra handling needed. That’s what I call efficient.

Belt tracking

Conveyor belt mistracking causes great problems. Now the US is focusing on different belt training methods to help prevent these mistrackings. Here torsion springs are used in safety mechanisms for detecting both forward and reverse mistracking. Read the article

Fat Bike Ski

Forget about slalom skiing or snowboard, here’s something completely new to me – Fat Bike Ski. Between this fork mount and the ski is a dual pivot urethane torsion spring, which allows the ski to smoothly follow trail pitch without being too flimsy—think of it as an artificial ankle on a skier. Talk about great engineering!…