Springs in snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is a common way for some people in various places around the world. Yamaha is huge within this area. Their new SnoScoot is an homage to their original from the 1980s. So where does the spring come in? The answer is that a torsion spring is integrated in the rear suspension. Read the whole…

Heard of clickless cycling pedals?

It’s been described as a revolutionary cycling game changer. Road clipless pedals were a huge hit when they came in the 1980’s. Even today pedals look pretty much the same. They have a steel torsion spring but the patent has expired so all the original manufacturer can offer more than any other player on the…

Lovely vehicles

I’ve always learned that torsion springs are to be found in all kind of vehicles. I don’t know if that’s true or not but the spring is very versatile and extremely useful so why not?

Chocolate and springs?

Did you know that in some countries they have “theme days” in their calendar? In Sweden the Cinnamon Bun Day is celebrated on October 4th. Or how about Chocolate Cake Day celebrated today November 7th. The shape of the chocolate sause on this cake almost looks like spring like (torsion spring?). Looks delicious.

Electronic devices

From tension springs and robots to something completely different. Electronic devices and torsion springs. Except for backrests they often are used as components inside different kind of electronic devices. Like a computer och a tablet.

Production in action

Watching spring manufacturing is a very noisy. I might seem a bit weird but somehow I also find it quite peaceful. I know, weird right? This image is one of many I took when visiting a spring factory a few months ago. If I’m not mistaken we here see torsion springs production… Happy weekend!

Mobile first?

Is your web made for the mobile devices? In many cases trends today sa “mobile first” and evenĀ torsion springsĀ need to be available in your mobile. Customers expect just as great service on the mobile as in front of the computer and therefore useful information and easy access is important.