Springs and pressings


Torsion springs

Shed some light on spring torque force

New week! Let’s make it a good one and start by shedding some light on what makes torsion springs so great. In technical terms we’re talking about the torque performance, in this case . Torque is equal to force x leg length: M= F x A. Torsion springs have a linear spring characteristic, i.e. if a spring is turned 10° to provide torque of 1 Nmm, the same spring will provide a torque of 2 Nmm at 20° torsion. Interesting!


Up and away!

Did you play with model airplanes as a child? I didn’t but my brother did. He’s airplane looked a bit like this one, but what I’ve just learned is that there are torsion springs at the wing tip end of the folding strut mechanism to provide tension in the lines. On some model airplane types , not all.


Spring controlled trip-edge

Gotten any snow yet? We haven’t got much but I keep the faith. Here’s a plow in stainless steel with torsion-spring controlled trip-edge. According to the manufacturer  these plows have chrome alloy wear bars for a longer cutting edge life.



For easier loading of trailer

Springs tend to have a very wide usage area. Here’s a great example where torsion spring is used on a trailer ramp to ease the loading process.



Spring solution conntects wheels

I rarely read about research reports but here is an article about what’s going to happen in the global stabilizer bar market from 2016 to 2021. So why is this interesting when it comes to industrial springs? The anti-roll bar connects opposite wheels together through short lever arms that are linked by a torsion spring. And that’s why this research report could be of interest for someone interested in springs :).

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Working with the motor sport industry is special. Torsion springs used as components in these cars need to be at the top end to cope with extreme speed conditions.


Springs inside diesel engine

This is an image of an engine. Inside this diesel engine which contain a KTR new cooling system and it’s inside this cooling system that you are able to find torsion springs. I know I sometimes mention that torsion springs are possible components in all kind of vehicles and this is a great example inside an engine.

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Open and close the door

Having problems with your automatic garage door during the winter? Hopefully not, but when the temperature sinks to the lowest, could the mechanism get into trouble? All I know is that garage doors have brilliant components like torsion springs.



Springs drilling horizontal

I read an article about Herrenknecht AG creating downhole tools. Apparently they launched their first horizontal directional drill in 2015. In the article they talk about the HDD method which means “horizontal directional drill” and the variety of risks, technical problems etc that might come with the method.

The torsion spring effect of the drill string due to low torsional stiffness which could result in breakage of the drill rod.

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