Springs and pressings



Tension spring used in a new mining system

The mining industry are extremely special conditions that demand very special products, machines and components inside these systems. Apparently a highly-effective resin capsule installation tool has been developed using tension spring in the resin-firing nozzle.

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Springs at the museum

Interesting in racing cars? Then you should visit the exhibition dedicated to Bloodhound showing at the Royal Cornwall Museum. The exhibition also celebrates Cornwall’s past and present engineering successes alongside the UK’s most ambitious engineering. You can also find springs similar to the springs used in Bloodhound. Can you see any compression springs in the image?

Michael Gibbs, MD of European Springs & Pressings Ltd alongside his spring exhibits at the BLOODHOUND SSC exhibition.JPG

Mini vehicle by 3D printer

Technology really keep the world in constant movement. One cool thing after another is invented. I read an article about how researchers have built self-driving mini vehicle by using 3D printers with deforming liquid metal wheels.

So where am I going with this? Well, according to the article gas springs are involved in this invention.

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