Springs and pressings

Batman forever!

Don’t you just wish you had this garage door? Batman all the way. Yay! I love my superheros. When it comes do garage doors gas springs are usually involved when it comes to controlled openings and closings. Maybe even here?

Tablet with hides torsion springs in the base

When the tablet Surface Studio was launched last year it had a screen that weight 13 pounds but feels weightless. Now that’s job well done. You can’t see it at the moment but there are torsion springs inside the bar that attaches the screen to its base horizontally.

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Cleaning systems also need springs

A few years ago I read about this project with compression springs used in cleaning system for crankcase gases. The design project was very long to really make the perfect spring solutions for the separators. In the end three different types of compression springs were sent to the customer. Both sides happy of the technological development.


Tension spring manufacturing

I don’t remember if I’ve showed this video before of tension springs being manufactured. If you’ve seen it before – sorry. If you haven’t – enjoy!

Gas spring with extra safety

Did you know that it’s possible to have more than 770 gas springs in stock? And numerous end fittings to complete the spring? Well, it’s true. You can actually put your order one day and get it delivered that very same day. This gas spring with safety lock functionality is one of them.


Ride off into the sunset

Spring materials can be a jungle and the making the right choice is crucial from the beginning. Steel, stainless, super alloys, titanium etc. Add modern equipment (for e.g. compression springs), experienced production teams and experts. Make sure you can keep the highest level of quality and productivity to ride off into the sunset.

Stamped love!

I don’t think these stampings or stamped parts are common in factories but I couldn’t help myself. But I can live with that because it’s Valentine’s day. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Shed some light on spring torque force

New week! Let’s make it a good one and start by shedding some light on what makes torsion springs so great. In technical terms we’re talking about the torque performance, in this case . Torque is equal to force x leg length: M= F x A. Torsion springs have a linear spring characteristic, i.e. if a spring is turned 10° to provide torque of 1 Nmm, the same spring will provide a torque of 2 Nmm at 20° torsion. Interesting!


Tension springs + bikes = true

It’s strange but many times when I search the internet for “tension spring” I get a lot of hits on pages related to biking. And here’s one more example – How to adjust a Shimano Shadow Plus clutch rear derailleur.

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