Springs and pressings


Springs are hot! At least if you are to believe the fair Valve World where lots of visitors showed great interest in heavy compression springs. Even before the fair was over the first deal was done!


On the treadmill

Gym equipment often contain gas springs. From treadmills and crosstrainers to machines focusing on pure strength.


Small tension spring.

Springs come in various sizes and dimensions.Here’s a small tension spring. Dimensions can vary but my guess we’re talking about dimensions from 0,03 millimeter.


More pressure for sprind during winter season

Compression springs used in the shipping industry. Thanks to their unique qualities make them perfect for “difficult” environment. Especially now during winter time I can image another factor – the cold – adding even more pressure to the springs.


A true american classic

Seen this classic before? The motorcycle of all motorcycles. Steve McQueen’s Harley Davidson. This bike has the 1912-only crankcase breather and keeps its factory pistons with matching barrel stampings. How cool is that?! Like I said, a true classic.


Image: yahoo news

Great support system

If you ask me it’s always important to have a good support system, both at work and at home. Keep the right people around you to make sure have the best possibilities no matter what might happen.

Same goes for spring support. Expert resource for application calculations and general tech support especially for gas springs is crucial to make internal processes more efficient and give customers the very best.


Spring controlled trip-edge

Gotten any snow yet? We haven’t got much but I keep the faith. Here’s a plow in stainless steel with torsion-spring controlled trip-edge. According to the manufacturer  these plows have chrome alloy wear bars for a longer cutting edge life.



High energy spring

A few weeks ago I read an article about a new more flexible release valve for parachutes containing a high energy compression spring.


Here’s also a preview of the whole mechanism including the parachute.

Gas springs online

You can shop almost everything online today. The net stores are open 24-7 everyday. And you expect good service and quick deliveries. Did you know it’s exactly the same with springs, gas springs for example? You can buy them online and get them delivered the next day. Now that’s what I cal service.


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