Production in action

Watching spring manufacturing is a very noisy. I might seem a bit weird but somehow I also find it quite peaceful. I know, weird right? This image is one of many I took when visiting a spring factory a few months ago. If I’m not mistaken we here see torsion springs production… Happy weekend!

Wave spring for small spaces

Short of space and need a spring like compression spring? Then wave springs might be the perfect alternative where the height is an issue. In some cases the wave spring can reduce the required spring height with up to 50 percent. Now, that’s what I call effective use of space.

Creating an increasing torque

I know, autumn is here and hopefully the lawnmower has been put away in the garage. Power springs are common components in lawnmowers. How it works? When the spring’s shaft is rotated, the material starts to wind flat against it. This action creates an increasing torque for as many turns as it can be wound…

Early one morning

Early morning on your way to work. The sun is coming up and the traffic is still quite calm. There’s nothing like an autumn morning chill. I used to take the bike everyday to work, and I loved it. Keep the bike in good shape, all the parts updated including the tension springs, and just…

Let’s go on a cruise

Ever been cruising in the Caribbean? Me neither, but I’d love too. Boats like these must be full of gas springs, right? All those automatic hatches that need to be opened and closed with extreme accuracy and security.

What did they do without technical gadgets?

In todays’ society we are all depending on our electrical equipments. The other day a saw boat from the viking era and I wondered how they managed without all the technical gadgets. Maybe they had their own kind of gadgets and therefore didn’t need electrical switches containing compresson springs?