Carmakers and their new super steel

Lightweight steel to carmakers. Now, steel makers have figured out how to make steel lighter without compromising its strength or versatility. This new super strong steel will be used for complex stamped parts (among other things) and the expected growth is expected to be 36 per cent by 2020 to 3.7 million tonnes. Read the whole article…

Spring into action!

When you walk it’s like any other shoe, but when you start running it’s a whole different story. Compression spring shock absorbers on each side make this shoe special. And a bounce to your step. Read the whole article about this cool shoe  

Chocolate and springs?

Did you know that in some countries they have “theme days” in their calendar? In Sweden the Cinnamon Bun Day is celebrated on October 4th. Or how about Chocolate Cake Day celebrated today November 7th. The shape of the chocolate sause on this cake almost looks like spring like (torsion spring?). Looks delicious.

Gas + spring = gas spring?

Could be the case. But not always. This light bulb may look a bit like a spring but not like a gas spring. More like a compression spring if you ask me. But it’s fun to play with the words sometimes. So let’s spring into action and go and get ourselves a cup of coffee!

Threads inside springs

Did you know that the fitting below is safer than conventional loops, used in springs like tension springs? Well it actually is which is why higher loads are able to be used on the spring. Naturally, the coil can be adjusted into the required length and no special tools are necessary for the mounting of the…