Springs and pressings

Cobots has entered the show

The market for ‘cobots’ (collaborative robots) just keep growing and is expected to keep doing so with more than 40% every year. It’s mostly focus on the automotive industry where the usage area. Compared to other robots the new ‘cobots’ are smaller, smarter and more flexible. I’m sure we will see them in the spring manufacturing industry (for example compression springs) soon as well.

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3D printers for future manufacturing?

Everywhere I read about technology at the moment I also see a connection with the technology of 3D printers. They are everywhere, can be used in many ways and industries. Today you are able to 3D print metal, but it doesn’t come cheap. Apparently now there’s a new type of 3D printer on the market – quicker than before and cheaper. Maybe this will type of new 3D printers will be able to produce also springs, such as tension springs, in the future.

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Beautiful power lines

My sweet torsion springs. So useful in many industries – one of the electrical power. How about this beautiful image of a bunch of power lines? And who said electrical power can’t be lovely…

Hannover Messe!

This week it’s time for one of the world’s leading industrial shows at the Hannover Messe. More than 6500 exhibitors from 70 different countries are expected. Are you going? I know the industrial spring division will be represented, showing springs and interesting projects. Maybe some gas springs, torsion springs or stampings on display in the different showcases? If you have the time I would truly recommend a visit.

Don’t get stressed out

This is a stressball that can visually can determine your stress level. The ball measure the skin conduction with an external sensor. The prototype was 3D printed and included 580 nobs on the outer shell and every single nob is installed with a compression spring.

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(Images courtesy of simone schramm)

Gas spring market

The global gas spring market is thriving. Especially lockable gas springs. Pricing is good, the products keep finding new usage areas and industries. And the customer demands for these kind of gas springs are on a continues high level. At the moment it’s difficult to see where we’ll end up at the end of 2017 but at the moment it looks good.

Inline washing process

In some cases the purity of the stampings is really important, like in the automotive industry. I’ve read about custom-made washing equipment for the stamped parts to be cleaned, rinsed and dried. After that the products go through a quality control before delivery.

Calculating spring design

Let’s get really technical. Here are different types of helical compression springs. Height is sometimes critical, in aerospace designs for example, and the importance of calculating the spring correct is sooo important. This article shows these calculations.


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Invest in your toys

Even though you’re a grown-up toys can be fun and productive. I read this article about an Australian picks apart Nerf guns and modify them with tension springs among other things. Seems to be a good investment as well.

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