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Gas springs

Gas spring market

The global gas spring market is thriving. Especially lockable gas springs. Pricing is good, the products keep finding new usage areas and industries. And the customer demands for these kind of gas springs are on a continues high level. At the moment it’s difficult to see where we’ll end up at the end of 2017 but at the moment it looks good.

Important to stand up

Do you work at a desk all day? Then you’ve probably heard that you should have an adjustable desk so you are able to both sit and stand up and work during the day. In different kind of adjustable ergonomic devices you find gas springs.

So don’t forget, make sure to stand up and work a few times during the day! Your body will thank you for it.

Quarter finals coming up!

I know. It’s THAT time of the year. Hockey season is ending and we’ve come as far as quarter finals. And of course for me as a industrial spring nerd I can’t help thinking of all the gas springs that are everywhere in this sports arena. From the ventilation to the exercise bikes the players use after the game.


Determine the upper mounting point

Here I found a whole installation step by step, how to install gas spring hatch supports on boats. Isn’t it lovely?

Many older boats don’t have the same support hinged hatches as more new models do. So if you want to keep make sure your fingers and toes are safe, gas springs could be a good idea to install on the hatches. Just make sure you know what you’re doing, or let an engineer do it for you.

Read the whole instruction

Batman forever!

Don’t you just wish you had this garage door? Batman all the way. Yay! I love my superheros. When it comes do garage doors gas springs are usually involved when it comes to controlled openings and closings. Maybe even here?

Gas spring with extra safety

Did you know that it’s possible to have more than 770 gas springs in stock? And numerous end fittings to complete the spring? Well, it’s true. You can actually put your order one day and get it delivered that very same day. This gas spring with safety lock functionality is one of them.


Safety system using gas springs

Retractable barrier system. Have you heard about it before? I haven’t but now I know. It’s a modular and self-storing barrier system that can withstand up to 30,000 pounds of impact at 4 mph. It’s used as a safety system to make areas safer with durable¬†and reinforced dividers that are extremely space efficient. Each barrier unit is gas spring-assisted and can be raised or lowered flush into the floor with an operational tool.

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On the treadmill

Gym equipment often contain gas springs. From treadmills and crosstrainers to machines focusing on pure strength.


Great support system

If you ask me it’s always important to have a good support system, both at work and at home. Keep the right people around you to make sure have the best possibilities no matter what might happen.

Same goes for spring support. Expert resource for application calculations and general tech support especially for gas springs is crucial to make internal processes more efficient and give customers the very best.


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