Gas spring on wheel balancer

On the theme “springs are all around us” – here’s a direct drive wheel balancer from Hennessy Industries Inc. I just read an article about. Apparently this is a brand new upgraded edition featuring a gas spring assist for lowering and raising the hood assembly. Among other things. Looking good. Image: Advertisements

Springs in new crewboat

I just read an article about a new model of a offshore access system for smaller vessels like crewboats. These new designs make the motion characteristics of the vessels much better than before. They also use non-linear force from a gas spring to make the counterbalance more efficient. image:

Gas + spring = gas spring?

Could be the case. But not always. This light bulb may look a bit like a spring but not like a gas spring. More like a compression spring if you ask me. But it’s fun to play with the words sometimes. So let’s spring into action and go and get ourselves a cup of coffee!

Let’s go on a cruise

Ever been cruising in the Caribbean? Me neither, but I’d love too. Boats like these must be full of gas springs, right? All those automatic hatches that need to be opened and closed with extreme accuracy and security.

Tent on the car

Wanna go for a ride and camping in the countryside Mini Cooper style? Yes please! When you drive the tent looks like any other car. But by unhooking 3 clamps the tent reveils itself. The tent  will then will automatically raise by itself, thanks to 4 gas springs, to a total height of 94 cm. How…

Open your window

Gas springs of the conventional kind are used in all kind of opening and closing movement. Like on the windows of these huge office buildings.

Adjust your desk position

Back at work after summer vacation? Don’t forget to take care of your body even at work. Ergonomic solutions for chair and keyboard, adjustable desk etc. Gas springs are as you know common components in ergonomic solutions. But never forget – all technical accessories aside. Take a break now and then to stretch.