Open your window

Gas springs of the conventional kind are used in all kind of opening and closing movement. Like on the windows of these huge office buildings. Advertisements

Adjust your desk position

Back at work after summer vacation? Don’t forget to take care of your body even at work. Ergonomic solutions for chair and keyboard, adjustable desk etc. Gas springs are as you know common components in ergonomic solutions. But never forget – all technical accessories aside. Take a break now and then to stretch.

Gas spring end fitting: ball studs

For all your spring nerds out there! The variations of end fittings for gas spring are numerous. One of them are ball studs as you can see on the image below. The end fittings are sorted primarily according to internal threads; M4-Fits all of our 12-4 gas springs M6-Fits all of our 15-6 and 18-8 gas…

Mortiser using gas spring

Any idea what this is? A heavy duty mortiser with a ¾ HP power. It has a swiveling base so you can move it the way you needed to and a special gas spring return as well as a double support set of columns. Read more about this and other mortisers

Smart solutions using gas springs

Gas springs used in ergonomic devices is no news. The picture shows a graduate from an engineering school testing the ‘Clutch Crutch’ a hands-free, comfortable and potentially more effective alternative to traditional crutches. The clutch provides natural and ergonomic movements at the same time as it keeps pressure off the wounded part of the leg. The…

Drivers train skills at home

Become a better race driver by having your own simulator at home! Quaife-Hobbs have mad several simulators and also been able to “copy” many features from the real experience such as hydraulic brakes and gas spring throttle. image:

The best customer service

Are you about to start a gas spring project? Make sure your spring manufacturer has a good technical support. And use that support for questions and advice concerning personal installation or maybe you need help with calculating the best possible gas springs and mounting points for you applications.